marjan fitness directions

Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event on the planet and we are proud that our members have represented Croatia on the last two Summer Olympic Games in London and Rio.

marjan fitness directions

The Olympic Center Gym has all the equipment necessary for an Olympic medalist to get ready for an important tournament therefore we are more than able to provide all of our members with everything required to hit their fitness goals.

marjan fitness directions

With a total of 28 medals, most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps is holding a message of support for our Olympic medalists and world champions - sisters Zaninović. You can find this image decorating the walls of our gym.

marjan fitness directions

Lucija Zaninović won the bronze medal after winning in the sudden death round of the bronze medal match. That was the third medal for Croatia at the Olympics in taekwondo.

marjan fitness directions

We are proud to be the home of the world taekwondo champions and Olympic medalists, twin sisters Ana and Lucija Zaninović.

​Younger generations of Taekwondo Club Marjan are an indication of the ​​success that lies ahead.


Push your fitness further with our different access types and we'll support you with advice on new and better ways to train.

200 kn / month

  • 7x weekly club gym (family package)
  • 7x weekly club gym (students and other privileged groups, entry untill 16h)
  • 2x weekly gym
  • 5 passes club gym

250 kn / month

  • 7x weekly club gym (Students and other privileged groups)
  • 7x weekly club gym (entry untill 16h)
  • 3x weekly club gym

300 kn / month

  • 7x weekly club gym

50 KN

Entry fee to the club - includes 1 (test) training (mandatory signing of the subscription form)


  • A user becomes a member of the club by signing this Rules and Regulations and by payment of membership fee and all expenses anticipated by the conditions on the registration of members.
  • A pre-requisite for a membership in a club is the physical and health ability of a club member.
  • A club member uses the services of the club at his/her own responsibility.
  • Membership cards are personalized and non-transferable, and their carrying is obligatory.
  • ​A club member is obliged to take care of his/her own personal hygiene (especially from the odour-related). In this aspect a member has to use a clean towel during his/her workout. In the exercise area the member is obliged to use clean sports clothes and shoes (flip-flops, skirts, jeans etc. are not allowed) taking into consideration that they have not been subjected to an everyday outdoor usage.
  • ​A club member is obliged to use equipment with diligence (it is strictly forbidden to throw weights) taking into consideration not to harm himself/herself, other users or to damage the area where he/she is.
  • ​Dropping the weights is strictly forbidden.
  • ​A club member is obliged to, after the use of sports devices, return them in a designated place.
  • ​In the club area an improper behaviour that might cause disturbance and discomfort to other members is not allowed.
  • ​A club member is obliged to refrain from insults and swearing, causing noise or addressing other members or personnel in elevated voice and/or other improper manner.
  • ​Smoking, alcohol, drugs and doping or exercising under influence of drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • ​Pets or other animals are not allowed in the club's premises.
  • ​Unauthorized handling of technical equipment and devices that are not a part of the club's offer (air condition, lights, sound system, TV and other equipment and devices) is forbidden.
  • ​A member is required to take into account that talking on a cell phone does not interfere with other users. For longer conversations a member's obligation is to leave the premises and continue the conversation in areas where other users would not be disturbed.
  • ​All bags and backpacks should be left locked in lockers in a changing room.
  • ​An order or warning by a club personnel should be obeyed and cannot be brought to discussion.
  • ​Club is not responsible for club members items not even when they are locked in lockers. The club member bears the sole responsibility for all lost and stolen personal items within the club's premises.
  • ​It is forbidden to take photos of other members without their consent.
  • ​"Personal trainers" are not allowed to use the club's premises without prior arrangement with a responsible person in the club.
  • ​The club members are obliged to respect hours of operation of the club and leave the premises accordingly.
  • In case of failure to meet the current commitments with regard to the payment of membership fee and other anticipated liabilities, and non-compliance with certain provisions of this Rules and Regulations, the club reserves the right to terminate the relationship with a member as well as provision of its services.

Detailed Rules and Regulations of TKD club Marjan is located on the front desk.









His goal is to provide Marjan Fitness members with a pleasant club atmosphere using his knowledge and leveraging many years of experience.

“My desire is to improve your general fitness level and ultimately help you achieve your goals and reach full potential.”

Tomislav Lozić, professor of kinesiology

Tomislav Lozić

His approach to every person is to think of their abilities and their training goals. Through every workout, he educates and encourages individuals to fulfill their potential.

“My experience in fitness is quite diverse. In addition to working with our members on a daily basis, I’m working on the physical conditioning of proffesional athletes.”

Tomislav Nazor, professor of kinesiology

Working hours


Working hours during hollidays: 

24.12.2021. Friday - 09:00 - 15:00;

25.12.2021. Saturday - closed ;

26.12.2021. Sunday- closed ;

31.12.2021. Friday - 09:00 - 15:00;

01.01.2021. Saturday - closed ;

06.01.2021. Thursday- closed ;


​Osječka 11
​021 745 196

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9am - 11pm

SATURDAY: 9am - 9pm

SUNDAY: closed


​Ruđera Boškovića 20
​021 361 054

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9am - 11pm

SATURDAY: 9am - 9pm

SUNDAY: closed



Great place for training! Very friendly staff and well equipped gym. This is my place away from home for my journey towards reaching my Goal - Crossfit Games 2017!

Richard A. , member

"Olympic Center Marjan has everything a professional athlete needs to train and prepare."

Ana & Lucija Zaninović - Olympic Champions , members

Great environment to workout in! Not only the equipment is modern, but the staff is also very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend it!

Ana M. , member

Extremely friendly staff, great place for a workout. As a crossfitter I was happy that they had a place for weightlifting (and Eleiko's barbell & plates)

Henna H. , member

I used this gym while I was traveling and it was the best gym I've used by far. There are lots of clean, modern equipment to have a good workout. The staff is very friendly and you can buy protein shakes for cheap after your workout too. Definitely recommend if you're in Split looking for a gym either short term or long term.

Shane N. , member